We thank you for your interest in
Our Youth Programs.

Promoting Healthy Mind and Healthy Bodies!

This year the WTLC is offering two Youth Programs!

The Ten & Under Program is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Serve & Study Summer Program runs only on Fridays of the Week and we are still offering the FREE Breakfast and Lunches. So make sure your child is there at 8am, begining on June 10th, 2016.  

This ambitious effort is the result of the need to do better by our youth of all ages years of age.  Located in the West End at the great Chickasaw Park, the program is designed to provide for a wholesome free summer enrichment curriculum that will include athletics, education and personal development through good nutrition, character building and community service.  This innovative classroom setting is about learning.  The result  is to add to your child’s positive summer experiences.

The curriculum allows for your child to learn the great game of tennis and we have statistics on how the sport impacts positive results in those who play the game.  In reality, the game of tennis makes better athletes and provides the physical stimulation that kids today are missing out on.

The educational and personal development are achieved by the children taking responsibility  for writing essays, engaging in age appropriate conflict resolution/anger management workshops, and neighborhood clean-up projects.  Community service is the key to our children building a better community and taking ownership for positive opportunities to help one another.  Learning 2 Lead is the foundation for the experience and we believe that your choice in working with the program will open doors for greater success!

Below is the Pre-Enrollment Form which requires us to process each of our participants.  Once completed, an email will be sent you. You will need to print it out, read it and both you and your child will need to sign it.  It also details information that we will further need to complete the enrollment process.  If you are sending more than one child to the program, an agreement for each child will be needed.
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